With all the ingredients of an enduring and thought-provoking rock hit, with his latest single Garland Kelley stakes his claim as a must-watch artist with a track that demands attention and leaves you craving more.”

Plastic Magazine

Garland Kelley’s latest single, A Mind Of Your Own is truly a masterpiece: expert playing, thought-provoking lyrics, emotional vocal delivery and outstanding production.”

Send Me Your Ears

Garland Kelley’s latest single, “A Mind of Your Own,” is an excellent indie rock tune and the perfect addition to any alternative playlist. ”

Senocular Media

So much creativity, quality and musical sincerity: this is called a hit.”

Indie Chronique

We could only give Garland an A+ satisfaction for this superb piece.”

Radio Castor

Garland Kelley connects with audiences on an emotional and personal level” - Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews

The Nashville-based talent has crafted a sound that’s expressive, personal, and oh-so-catchy. ” - Garbriel Mazza


Garland Kelley announces himself with a personable vulnerability tied to a more existential purposefulness with splendour on ‘A Mind of Your Own’.” - Kartik Sundar

Find No Enemy

Garland launches himself into the music and proves right away that he has talent and everything it takes to reach new heights and be side by side with great names in current music.” - Jessica Mar

Headbangers News

This talented Nashville-based artist is able to transform a musical concept into a flawlessly produced sound masterpiece. ” - Damien Reid

Illustrate Magazine

Garland is an alternative rock musician and music producer who obviously cares about creating meaningful, resonant music. He delivers high-quality sound and themes that effortlessly connect with the listener on all levels.” - Viola Karmy

Rock Era Magazine

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