With all the ingredients of an enduring and thought-provoking rock hit, with his latest single Garland Kelley stakes his claim as a must-watch artist with a track that demands attention and leaves you craving more.”

Plastic Magazine

Garland Kelley’s latest single, A Mind Of Your Own is truly a masterpiece: expert playing, thought-provoking lyrics, emotional vocal delivery and outstanding production.”

Send Me Your Ears

Garland Kelley’s latest single, “The Point of No Return,” is a powerful indie rock experience and the perfect addition to any alternative rock playlist. ”

Senocular Media

This wonderful message is packed perfectly within this expertly created track, fit for radio play, with every element ready to have you captivated in no time, which is a testament to this artist’s abilities.”

Principle Music

Garland Kelley connects with audiences on an emotional and personal level” - Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews

The Nashville-based talent has crafted a sound that’s expressive, personal, and oh-so-catchy. ” - Garbriel Mazza


This talented Nashville-based artist is able to transform a musical concept into a flawlessly produced sound masterpiece. ” - Damien Reid

Illustrate Magazine

The instrumentation is rich and layered, with intricate guitar riffs and soaring solos that add depth and texture to the already impressive sound.” - Joshua

Sinusoidal Music

We are thrilled to have discovered Garland Kelley and can not recommend him highly enough. He is making innovative music that is in equal parts addictive and thought-provoking.”

FV Music Blog

This song serves real rock, crafted with authenticity, with a modern, infectious twist. The catchy vocal performance is also the reason why we can say that “A Mind of Your Own” is the definition of a hit.”

The Further

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